AWS 2023 VM Renewing: m7i & m7a

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AWS 2023 VM Renewing: m7i & m7a
Compute Virtual-Machine Performance Price

As part of an initiative to enlighten technological decisions of enterprises in the realm of cloud computing, we embarked on an in-depth analysis of AWS's M7i and M7a specifications, two of the new X86 chips available on market. This study, executed by our esteemed cabinet specializing in cloud computing analysis and consultation, aims to decipher the performance, resilience of these processors. Utilizing industry-standard benchmarks tools, we conducted a series of rigorous tests and methodical analyses. Our intent was to discern patterns, pinpoint unique characteristics, and uncover any potential anomalies. The outcome offers a comprehensive and detailed view of these processors' capabilities in meeting both the current and future demands of cloud computing.

We selected the 8xlarge size with 32CPUs and 128GB of memory and decided to compare the previous of machines to take in account the evolution in terms of performance and price.