AWS General purpose VMs history

The goal of this study is to analyze the evolution AWS' General Purpose VMs through the pricing, the specification and the performance of each standard instance types.

Keywords: Benchmark Compute Performance aarch64 ARM x86 Intel AMD


AWS New I/O optimized I4i

After more than 7 years with the i3 series, AWS released the new i4 supposed with everything better: Latest Intel Ice-Lake processors, larger block and network bandwidth, denser volumes and faster operations. We tested the new performance here.

Keywords: Benchmark Compute Performance Price Local-storage


AWS benchmark m6i vs m5 vs m5a

AWS is renewing its Intel VM catalog with a new series: m6i, powered with the 3rd generation of Intel Xeon. As usual, we ran a benchmark to evaluate the plus and cons of this new panel of products. CPU, RAM and network, we tested the new m6i against the 2 x86 ancestors m5/m5a.

Keywords: Compute x86 Virtual-Machine Benchmark Performance Price


AWS c6g vs c7g

Annouced during the Re:Invent 2022, the new Graviton 3 processsors take the shape of the c7g instance types. Fabulous on paper, we analyzed the improvements compared to c6g and their ancestor the a1 series.

Keywords: Benchmark Compute Performance Price ARM


AWS re:Invent 2020 - New instances

Keywords: Public-Cloud Performance


AWS vs Azure vs Google vs IBM vs Oracle - VMs Q1 2021

We did a comparison of the Big 5 through their Virtual Machine offering and more especially the compute optimised series.

Keywords: Compute IaaS Virtual Machine Performance Price Hyperscalers


Equinix Bare Metal new generation

We evaluated last generation of Bare Metals from Equinix. CPU, Storage and Network compared to a AWS m5.metal.

Keywords: Bare-metal Public-Cloud Local-Storage


Fosshost - AArch64 benchmark

AArch64 is a new Cloud service from Fosshost devoted to provide Arm-based infrastructures to the open-source community. As lovers of free software we offered them a free benchmark with the market leader AWS and its latest Arm series m6g.

Keywords: Benchmark Compute Performance aarch64 ARM


G-Core Labs vs EC2

In this project we compare the latest main AWS' VMs against their G-Core Labs equivalent. We tested and expose different aspects of performance.

Keywords: Compute IaaS Virtual Machine Performance Price


Google Cloud Memorystore Redis

Cloud Memorystore is a managed in-memory NoSQL database compatible with Redis and Memcache. Cloud Mercato tested with redis-benchmark the performance of the different tiers proposed by Google Cloud, from 10 to 300GB though Basic and Standard plans.

Keywords: Redis Managed-Database Performance


Katapult Compute

Katapult is a new Cloud solution shaped for high performance computing. Their goal is to deliver the best IaaS platform with affordable price, no-hidden cost and capacities outperforming their competitors. This project on a high quality infrastructure

Keywords: Public-Cloud IaaS Performance Price


Machine Learning: Sudoku Benchmark

This projects aims to explore the performance metrics of Sudoku Solver Benchmark given by its different parameters. The main goal is to discover what is best configuration for training and inference, especially find the best trade-off between parameters such as batch size or dataset size.

Keywords: Machine-Learning Deep-Learning Performance

Consult Overview

This benchmark aims to evaluate the value of Nuage's IaaS against the market leader AWS and the niche leader DigitalOcean.

Keywords: Compute x86 Virtual-Machine Benchmark Performance Price


OVHCloud High performance Object Storage benchmark

Cloud Mercato ran an evaluation of the new OVHCloud High performance Object Storage against their main competitors in a context of performance and price.

Keywords: Object-Storage Benchmark Performance Price


OVHcloud new IOPS series

We compared the new OVHcloud I1 series against other hyperscalers. Discover performance and price benchmark.

Keywords: Local-Storage IOPS Benchmark


Open Telekom Cloud 2020

T-Systems has requested Cloud Mercato to perform a comparative analysis on their 2 new product lines: Dedicated CPU C4 and General Purpose S3.

Keywords: Public-Cloud Hyperscalers


Oracle A1 Benchmark - Comparison with E3 and E4

In the end of the 2nd semester of 2021, Oracle Cloud released a new kind of VM type: A1.Flex powered with ARM Ampere processors. Next to AWS, the red hyperscaler invest this architecture with its plus and cons.

Keywords: Compute ARM A1.Flex Ampere


RisingCloud vs Lambda

We recently discovered RisingCloud, the kind of vendor that we could qualify as "new-generation" from its purpose. If you are serverless felow, this cloud vendor is tailored for you as it mainly focuses on your microcode management.

Keywords: Function Performance


Scaleway ENT1 Benchmark

In June 2021, Scaleway released a new kind of virtual machine series: ENT1. These new products are designed with AMD EPYC 7543 processors and a dedicated virtualization supposed to offer performance equal to a bare metal environment. We ran a series of test to analyse their performance against well known market competitors. This benchmark mainly focus on CPU performance and the Performance/Price value outputting from European pricing.

Keywords: Compute Virtual-Machine Benchmark Performance Price


Scaleway Stardust Price/Performance benchmark

By the end of 2020, Scaleway released a new type of VM STARDUST-S. Equipped with AMD EPYC 7281, these small instances propose performance at the edge of market with the lowest price findable in the public cloud industry. This project aims to compare this new flavor with equivalent products from hyperscalers and medium competitors.

Keywords: Public-Cloud Compute Low-cost


State of the art of European IaaS - Q3 2021

The European territory has a high density of Cloud providers and facing the diversity of services, this study aims to bring transparency by discovering the European landscape, the vendors, datacenters, performance and price.

Keywords: Compute x86 Virtual-Machine Benchmark Performance Price


State of the art of Public Object Storage Europe

Cloud Mercato tested performance of different Object Storage solutions present in Europe. We designed a test suite containing 5 scenarios, each displaying a facet of what an Object Storage can deliver.

Keywords: Public-Cloud Object-Storage Perforrmance


Cloud Mercato ran a price/performance analysis for The goal is to measure the performance then the pricing for equivalent products at competitors providers.

Keywords: Public-Cloud Performance Benchmark