AWS c6g vs c7g

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AWS c6g vs c7g
Benchmark Compute Performance Price ARM

Annouced during the Re:Invent 2022, the new Graviton 3 processsors take the shape of the c7g instance types. Fabulous on paper, we analyzed the improvements compared to c6g and their ancestor the a1 series.

From AWS' documentation, we have a faster CPU, RAM and network, in other words, the trinty of a higher level of performance for most of the applications. From the Cloud Mercato's point of view, there is firstly that side step of the ARM architecture, a barrier for non-opensource software. Next we see the benefits offered in term performance and price

In this study we compare the 3 generations of Graviton with similar specfications: 8CPU 16GB (C-series). We selected the West US Oregon for our testing.