AWS m7i & m7i-flex Performance/Price

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AWS m7i & m7i-flex Performance/Price
Compute Virtual-Machine Performance Price

Amazon recently released its new series of Intel general purpose VMs, the m7i. Featured with the 4th generation of Xeon chips, the successors of m6i are declined in two lines: The basic m7i and more questionable one called m7i-flex.

From their documentation, it's quite difficult to understand the benefits of flex vs classic instances. AWS claims up to +19% in price/performance from M6i to M7i-flex but except a slight smaller price and limited resources capacity, no transparency helps consumer to understand where's the best band for their buck.

Below, a quick on-paper comparison:

Name Max CPU Max RAM (GiB) Max bandwidth (Gbps) Max EBS (Gbps) Hourly 32 CPUs (USD)
M7i 192 768 50 40 1.613
M7i-flex 32 128 12.5 10 1.532
M6i 128 512 50 40 1.536

Pricing from "US East (Ohio)" during Aug 2023

This study aims to evaluate the performance and price/performance value of these new flavors.