Google Cloud Memorystore Redis

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Google Cloud Memorystore Redis
Redis Managed-Database Performance

Cloud Memorystore is a managed in-memory NoSQL database compatible with Redis and Memcache. Cloud Mercato tested with redis-benchmark the performance of the different tiers proposed by Google Cloud, from 10 to 300GB though Basic and Standard plans.


Like most of our database benchmark we choose a 8CPU client machine: A n2-highcpu-8 Intel in the same region and zone than the server.

Each database product has been tested sequentially with different virtual machines using the following redis-benchmark configuration:

  • Tests: All
  • Client number 50:
  • Requests number: 100000
  • Size: 3
  • TCP keep-alive: True
  • Pipeline number: 1

Before launch any database tests, CPU steal time is diagnosed on each VM to determine if computing power is taken by neighbours. It is good to point out that no instance at Google Cloud has generated a steal time greater than 0%