RisingCloud vs Lambda

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RisingCloud vs Lambda
Function Performance

We recently discovered RisingCloud, the kind of vendor that we could qualify as "new-generation" from its purpose. If you are serverless felow, this cloud vendor is tailored for you as it mainly focuses on your microcode management.

Basically, RisingCloud is a Function-as-a-Service obviously similar in form to what AWS Lambda or Google Function might offer. Under the hood, your code is powered by an intelligent monitoring system coupled with an AI that optimizes your resource allocation, and thus performance and then price.

Where almost all FaaS vendors propose static sizing of the instances based on the RAM allocation, RisingCloud allows independant allocation of the amount of CPU and RAM, letting you create the most exotic configuration that will fit with your piece of code. On top of that, the bundle Monitoring and AI can make this allocation completly transparent

The project here aims to evaluate RisingCloud FaaS against AWS Lambda, in terms of performance and price. To stay fair and clear we evaluated RisingCloud with static configuration, i.e. without AI adapting our resources.