UpCloud High CPU and Memory VM

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UpCloud High CPU and Memory VM
Compute Virtual-Machine Performance Price

UpCloud is an established Finnish Cloud provider well known to be pionneer in NVMe Block Storage and flexible with their customizable compute offering tailored-size virtual machines. In Q1 2023, they updated their VM catalog with two additionnal series named High CPU and High Memory.

Of course it was already possible to similar instance with their flexible compute but predefined plans offer several advantages:

  • A large discount is applied in favor of predefined plans
  • Fixed plan offer up to 24TB of traffic
  • The hourly billing is based on 28 days against the effective time for custom plans
  • Predefined plans come with a MaxIOPS (NVMe-SSD) volume

Facing their future Managed Kubernetes service, we think easier for consumers to have a catalog expressing closer needs. However this new flavors rely on the same hardware and infrastructure as the previous plans, it's always good to compare their latest hardware. In this benchmark we compare the 2 new series of UpCloud VMs against AWS similar products.