AWS Global network benchmark

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AWS Global network benchmark
Network AWS

Because Amazon Web Services is the leader of the Cloud and hyperscaler market, they of course have one the biggest global network. Their footprint is composed by Regions accross the five continents, divided in Availability Zones and Local Zones. Point of presence are linked by the Internet or could be bound by the AWS private network thus making the connections more reliable.

This study consists of the testing of the network links between all the different AWS regions through mainly 3 aspects:

  • Bandwidth: Maximum number of MB/sec available between 2 hosts
  • Latency: Time for ICMP/Ping
  • Number of hops: Number of routers

From the compute catalog, we based on c6i.4xlarge with 16CPUs and maximum bandwidth of 12500Mbit/sec. But as it is unavailable on some regions we may also have use c6a.4xlarge, c6g.4xlarge and c5.4xlarge. The two last have a bit less of bandwidth.