OVHcloud Metal Instances

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OVHcloud Metal Instances
Bare-Metal Compute

OVHcloud recently released a new series in their Public Cloud catalog called Metal Instances. As you can guess by the name, we discover here a brand new set of bare metal instances from the European leader but unlike to their similar products this one is released with the cloud-native tag.

This first drop of physical instances is composed by the three sizes of x86 instances:

  • BM-S1: 8CPUs 32GB
  • BM-M1: 16CPUs 64GB
  • BM-L1: 32CPUs 128GB

For our benchmark we compared these flavors with the AWS m6i.metal and an OVH virtual machine, B2-120. Due to the sizing of 128 CPUs, the Amazon's metals aren't directly comparable and to obtain an apple-to-apple comparison, so we will focus mainly on Performce/Price or Spec/Price value.

Otherwise, Block Storage isn't yet available for Metal Instances but the local NVMe-SSD has been tested.