State of the art of European IaaS - Q3 2021

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State of the art of European IaaS - Q3 2021
Compute x86 Virtual-Machine Benchmark Performance Price

Despite the decade of evolution in Cloud Computing, Infrastructure-as-a-Service is still the major way to consume Cloud. Of course, there's a relevant innovation with the sophisticated services offered by the hyperscalers. But the market is thus made, the legacy of years of collocation and bare metal made the journey to the Cloud more imaginable by getting VMs as a 1st step.

The European territory has a high density of Cloud providers and facing the diversity of services, it's hard for consumers and actors to have a clear idea of the industry without giving the highest place to the market leader. This study aims to bring transparency by discovering the European landscape, the vendors, datacenters, performance and price.

We gathered more than 25 Cloud providers, independantly of their origin or market shares, the only one requirement is to own facilities in Europe proposing a Virtual Machine service with 8 CPU and ±16GB. You can consult the full inventory to get details about each instance type.

This web project is linked to a PDF version with more comments and explanation. This part is dedicated to data exploration via charts and tables, thus feel free to discover more informations by filtering, zooming and hovering datapoint to discover tooltips. Filtering notably helps to create a smaller context such as only French market or only American competitors.

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