State of the art of Public Object Storage Europe

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Provider Name Description Durability Availability
Alibaba Cloud Standard
Amazon Web Services Standard High durability, availability, and performance object storage for frequently accessed data. 99.999999999 99.99
BSO Network Standard 100.0
Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage S3 compatible cloud storage at ¼ the price. Brought to you by a company entrusted with over an Exabyte of customer data. 99.999999999 99.9
DigitalOcean Standard
Exoscale Standard A scalable, reliable, and cost effective Object Storage solution 99.95
Google Cloud Regional Best for data that is frequently accessed and/or stored for only brief periods of time. 99.9
IBM Cloud Standard Regional 99.99999999
IONOS Standard
Linode Standard
Microsoft Azure General Purpose v2 LRS Hot 99.999999999 99.9
OVHcloud Standard
Oracle Cloud Standard
Scaleway Standard Cost-effective way to store all your static assets 99.999999999 99.99
T-Systems Open Telekom Cloud Standard
UpCloud Standard
Wasabi Technologies Standard Standard