State of the art of European IaaS Compute - Q2 2022

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State of the art of European IaaS Compute - Q2 2022
Compute IaaS Performance Price


As a research company, Cloud Mercato aims to deliver meaningful data for the large public. Cloud Computing is a large space with plenty of vendors accross all continents, it's not easy for user to understand the provider that will completely or partialy fullfil consumers' requirements. In this the study, we compare the Virtual Machine (VM), services also named Compute, and their associated data volume named Block Storage.

How to deal with data

We consider our product selection as Apple-to-Apple, not Gala-to-Gala but enough similar if you know what are the differences. Inside the 4 categories, the comparison is done on different perspectives:

  1. Specifications: What are the exact hardware sold by the vendors. Before diving in testing what do we have on paper, maybe less RAM or a local volume.
  2. Performance: States who's the most effective.
  3. Price: Here's starts the FinOps. From pricing we derivate a Price/Performance value helping to evaluate easily what's the best bang.

The exact used products and how their selection has been made are available in the Inventory section.

Cloud vendors


Performance considerations

This study attempts to describe what are the performance level of the Virtual Machines, Block Storage and Network. We also evaluate additionnal storages attached to instances. Our goal is to deliver an inventory of performance levels available among the providers and their product.

A Performance/Price ratio is also available when we consider that the performance metric represents enough a whole part of the system.


  • As none of their VM fit in our categories, Katapult in unfortunately not present in this study