State of the art of European IaaS Compute - Q2 2022

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Product selection

We grant any Cloud service selling Virtual Machine through a IaaS with facilities in Europe. We included only VM powered by x86 CPU. Facing the wide variety of VM types, we selected flavors with a constraint of 16 vCPUs among the following categories:

  • General purpose: With 64GB of RAM ±15%
  • Compute: With 32GB of RAM ±15%
  • Memory: With 128GB of RAM ±15%
  • Extra memory: With 256GB of RAM ±15%

For the selection we do not take in account the extra hardware such as local volume or network interface. If a VM type has an equivalent without these extra we choose this one. The selection of flavors was made in mid-2022, so new products may be available or the chosen ones sold out.

Following our rule of thumb of 50GB per CPU, the Block Storage is tested with SSD volume types and 800GB.

We deliberately do not take in account the notion of dedicated/share instances. From our experience, if performance level is good, it's not a concern for most of the users. However, our methodology is designed to capture neighborhood effects and especially stolen CPU time.


  • The AWS catalog doesn't enter in the extra memory category, despite the x2gd.4xlarge is matching, it runs on ARM architecture
  • For Tencent, no 16-CPU compute-optimized VM were available in Europe, we selected a 8-CPU